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What is Raspirarium?

is a private project of individuality to share mini how to’s, music, scripts, knowledge, etc.

Why project Raspirarium?

The word Raspirarium is derived from the words Rasp and Terarium, which refers to the combination of a Raspberry computer into one universal capsule. The linking of interconnections is intended to have a broader sense of encapsulation of these two meanings in one whole and the use of this complexity to store the results of my modest creativity in it. Such a world in virtual reality 😉

Why this web?

I present my own modest results of creativity across the seasons, my work here, on this planet, called by us, the earth 🙂


--== Raspirarium Micro Server Stats ==--
GPU temp=50.5'C CPU temp=50 °C
CPU Utilization ~ 14.5%

-----=== C Z - F O R T U N E ===-----